How was your break?

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"-I wish you’d come with me."

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"Okay, so what should we do in this picture? Should we like… what’s the prompt? Is it Justin Timberlake?"

"It could be.."

"Like, how do we convey that in a photo?"

"It would be good…but I think that we have to incorporate the backdrop…

"Oh, right…"

"And we have to incorporate….We have to start thinking about the caption now.”

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Gavin’s last ever ‘I Believe’ 

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heathers is so very

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Little Cosette having bad dreams and Valjean doing a big show of checking under the bed and in all of the wardrobes so she knows she’s safe.

Valjean having nightmares about his time in prison and waking up in a cold sweat to find nine-year-old Cosette opening the wardrobes for him to show him that it’s okay.

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story ends in total damage

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Holy phone cases and stickers batman!

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Remember when kyle dean and adam made out the closing night of next to normal

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you and i were meant to be
i wish i could have made you see
that in you god was very pleased

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