maybe specs will finally find his shoe tonight

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[sobs into a pillow] n O W IS THE TImE to sEIZE THE DAA A A. Y

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I tried so hard to get as many Newsies cast members in this tribute to their incredibly talented faces. (Andy should get an award for his.)

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can’t fucking wait for the first performance of the newsies revival tomorrow at the nederlander!!!!

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August 25, 2014


Ben Fankhauser sits alone in his room and quietly sings “Go and look it up, the POOR GUYS HEAD is spinning” to himself.

A single tear drips down his nose.

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"For everyone who couldn’t be in the theatre with with us today, here is our final bow. #NewsiesForever"

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dumb boys in cute sweaters ♥ andy mientus

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what do you mean it isn’t a solo? a playlist of duets and ensemble numbers we somehow manage to sing by ourselves, character voices and all

[listen on 8tracks]

/ i. prologue - into the woods / ii. the confrontation - les miserables / iii. hello - the book of mormon / iv. who’s crazy/my psychopharmacologist and I - next to normal / v. the bitch of living - spring awakening / vi. there! right there! - legally blonde / vii. cell block tango - chicago / viii. king of new york - newsies / ix. i’ve decided to marry you - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder / x. what is this feeling? - wicked / xi. i am the one - next to normal / xii. your fault - into the woods / xiii. anything you can do - annie get your gun / xiv. la vie bohème - rent / xv. one day more - les miserables / bonus track. get back to hogwarts - starkid

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Lisa O’Hare in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

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next to normal in tumblr posts.

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